Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Some Goalie Hockey Porn?

     I've been sick for the last few days and have barely managed to get out of bed, and with my first Hockey game of the season tomorrow night I'm trying desperately to will myself to get well enough to play. There's plenty of sad Hockey news everywhere we look and I consequently I think we could all use some cheering up. What could cheer us all up right now? How about Hockey Porn! I've a little something special planned for today, it's not just Hockey Porn, it's Hockey Goalie Porn, and not just any Hockey Goalie Porn, but Prospect Hockey Goalie Porn... Specifically Petr Mrazek Prospect Hockey Goalie Porn. (Whew, try saying that ten times fast).

     I have a confession to make... being a goalie myself I have a special place in my Hockey Porn collection for goalies; I love watching their style, their moves, their positions and their attitudes. I first saw video clips of Mrazek on YouTube and I was intrigued; he was dynamic, engaging and had a passion and swagger that kept me watching him even when the puck wasn't near him.

He raised quite a stir for his celebration at the 2012 World Juniors for his celebratory display and I loved him even more for it.Just look at his passion and enthusiasm, that's what Hockey is about!

He also almost scored an empty net goal. 


Think you'll get a penalty shot past him? Think again.I know there are a lot of people who think that players celebrating a goal or save is gloating or disrespectful or may hurt the other players' feelings... But come one, this is Hockey and I LOVE seeing passion and celebration from the players.


I had the pleasure of watching Mrazek in person at the Development Camp back in July and he's mesmerizing. From the interviews I've read, he also has a great attitude and a strong, dedicated work ethic. I'm planning to attend a few Grand Rapids Griffins games this season and I'm greatly looking forward to seeing him in action and I can't wait to see him suit up in the Winged Wheel. 

I'll leave you with one final video... Just look at him flash that glove.


Happy Petr Mrazek Prospect Hockey Goalie Porn day!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It’s worse than I thought

     Welcome to Octopi the Ice! 

I know what you’re thinking… What a cheery uplifting title right? Believe me, it’s not what I had envisioned for my first post on my very own blog. I’m excited about this new blogging adventure and look forward to seeing where it goes. Writing is therapy for me, it’s how I organize my thoughts, analyze decisions and also how I vent and cope with life. Usually I keep my writings to myself, but in this difficult time to be a Hockey fan, I’m hoping that maybe my therapy can also be someone else’s. So make yourself at home, the furniture’s comfortable, the fridge is stocked, and it’s always an adventure.