Monday, October 22, 2012

Introducing The Dollar Hotdog Power Hour Podcast!

     Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes those desperate measures lead you to something awesome that you might not have otherwise discovered or attempted.  With the NHL and NHLPA still having their collective heads up their asses and no NHL Hockey being played now, nor in the foreseeable future; Hockey fans have been forced to come up with other ways to get their Hockey fix and entertain ourselves. 

     We do things like keep up with how our favorite players are doing in Europe, watch and attend Grand Rapids Griffins games, start blogs to help us cope, vent and bond with our Hockey family for support and comfort, and even….. Start a podcast!

In case you're slightly confused by the name of the podcast, Larry Murphy's love for dollar hotdogs was the inspiration. 

Since this whole idea was Mike's I'll let him explain: from his blog

In trying to keep spirits alive, I've been thinking of doing a podcast. Without games to break down, without trades and signings to discuss and strategies to analyze, this lockout has been excruciating  I can't watch and read about hockey and the Red Wings, so I've lost one hobby. Now I can't even write about it, thus killing another hobby. I could write about the lockout, and honestly I should be, because it is important, but it just gets me angry.

Both sides are showing themselves to be obstinate, although there was been some significant movement. And I tip my hat to the NHL for being the first ones to really move. And I shouldn't be writing about CBA negotiations, I should be writing about hockey. Granted, a podcast won't fix that entirely because there's still no Red Wings hockey to talk about. But at least it'll be something new and different for me to do.

I've invited
Michelle of Twitter and blog fame, as well as a fellow up and coming Red Wings blogger and Tweeter Kevin to collaborate with me on this project. I'm hoping to get more voices in to keep it fresh and interesting, and I want my handful of readers to submit questions or topics of conversation for us to discuss. We want to be responsive to what you want to hear.

So kick back, grab something to drink and tune in. We hope you enjoy it so we can keep doing it. Follow us all on
Twitter and we'll let you know when we're going to record next so you can submit ideas, and for general hockey and Red Wings commentary. Please check out both Michelle and Kevin's blogs and keep coming by here.

Also, I want to apologize for the poor audio. Being new at this whole thing and not having the ideal equipment to do it, there were some feedback and audio issues that I hopefully got resolved later on. I hope you'll give me the chance to get them worked out, and I hope Michelle will forgive me for fucking up her early segments. In general, it doesn't do justice to Michelle or Kevin. The quality of their words was above and beyond better than the quality of my recording. All the more reason to follow them both on Twitter and read their blogs!

Let's Go Red...aww I'm sad. Go Griffins!

     I'm honored to be a part of this fantastic new venture two very smart, knowledgeable members of my Hockey family. If you have half as much fun listening to our podcast as we have making it, then I'll consider it a success. I hope you enjoy listening and check out both Mike and Kevin's blogs for awesome Hockey content. 

Let us know what you think, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Screw the NHL and NHLPA and Go Griffins!

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