Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Patrick Eaves has the best goal reactions!

Yesterday morning the Griffins posted a cool video montage from one of their games. I tweeted this...
This started a conversation about how much I love watching players get excited and celebrate goals. I don't mean gloating or being a jerk about it, but the pure joy and elation on a players face when they (or their teammates) score a goal. NHL players play Hockey because they love the game and I want to see them get excited and see their "This is AWESOME!" reaction; I want to see the passion, elation and excitement. I want to see them get (almost) as excited about a goal as I do.  There is one player I love to watch when the Wings score a goal above all others; one player who's pure, unadulterated excitement for himself or his teammates embodies everything wonderful about Hockey.Who could this awesome person be, you may be asking? Why, Patrick Eaves of course! I was searching for pictures of Eaves celebrating to cheer me up, and Tweeting them out to share the joy. Suddenly Kevin had a genius idea.
I'm happy to present for your enjoyment: The Patrick Eaves Celebration Post. There are a lot of awesome pictures, but here are a few of the best.

We love you Patrick, for so many reasons. Please get well soon.

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