Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Picture That Brightened My Day

They say laughter is contagious and they're right. I don't know if they also say smiles are contagious, but if they did, they'd also be right. David Guralnick posted a photo gallery of a few Red Wings players practicing today. I of course went to browse through the pictures because, why wouldn't I? I was scrolling through the pictures enjoying myself when suddenly a picture appeared that made me smile and laugh (ok I may have giggled a little bit as well).

Todd Bertuzzi, right, has a laugh after falling over goalie Josh Block. (David Guralnick / The Detroit News)
 It's no secret that I like Todd Bertuzzi, I also like smiles and happy Hockey players. This picture is a perfect trifecta of awesomeness. Just look at that smile! Maybe just having Eaves on the ice practicing brightens everyone's day.

I hope this brightened your day as it did mine.

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