Friday, December 14, 2012

All I want for Christmas.

     Were you expecting me to say "NHL Hockey?" Ha! Fooled you. Screw the NHL, I have more important things to focus on right now. At least that's what I tell myself when the withdrawals set in and I have to re-focus on other Hockey and topics.

     We all have a video or picture that makes us laugh every time we watch it or see it. Sometimes others don't get it or appreciate it, but it's your own little inside joke or funny bone tickler. A couple years ago the Belfast Giants posted a video on YouTube of the team lip syncing and dancing to"All I Want For Christmas Is You".I laughed, I giggled, I stared, I tried to control myself; but it gets me every time I watch it. Yesterday, thanks to Andrea. I was reminded of it yet again and decided it was time to watch it for the eleventy-hundredth time and get a good laugh. The first mistake I made was eating applesauce while I watched, it nearly came out my nose.

     I'm not sure if what I'm about to tell you is a common occurrence for anyone else, but it's common for my brain to make connections almost everywhere. What struck me while I watched this video yet again, was this... The players on this Belfast Giants team, whom I've never seen nor met before, remind me of players that I am familiar with. I'm going to share these associations that my brain made. Fair warning, you may find some of these to be a little disturbing, but I assure you I think it's worth it. If you didn't already click the link in the above text and watch the video, here it is. I'd like to make a request of you if I may. I'm going to share my associations below, but I'd love for you to watch the video first and see if any come to your mind. If they do, please please share them. I'm extremely curious. First the video, then below I'll take you through my observations.


And... Here...We....Go...

Opening scene: The guy turns on the music and when I see his face I think Aahh! Joe Thornton!

It was dark, and he turned too fast. It really scared me for a moment. Don't worry though, it gets better from here.

Sweatpants guy: This one is tough for me because he reminds me of someone, I just can't think of who. My first association was the Stars, but I'm not sure why and now it's really bugging me. Who does he remind you of?

Who am I? Can anyone help me? Please!?

Maybe some combination of Loui Eriksson, Derek Meech, Rick Nash, Zach Parise and Brian Elliott? At this point I'm really just grasping at straws here, but it was a good excuse to insert a picture of Loui Eriksson.

Apparently naked in the shower guy: I think if Henrik Zetterberg, Henrik Lundqvist and Erik Karlsson somehow went back in time and combined their genetics, this man would be the results. Don't ask me about the specifics of how this was done; it's top secret and you don't have enough clearance.

Look into my eyes and search your feeling, you know it to be true....

...We are your fathers.

Taping his stick without looking guy: In addition to the impressive fact that he can apparently tape his stick without looking at it even once, he also bears a striking resemblance to Dennis Seidenberg.

You posted that picture of me on the internet? Santa's gonna torch your tree with a flamethrower.
Stationary bike guy (Look Ma, no hands!): Take away his goalie pads, add poofy hair and jeans and voila! Cam Ward ladies and gentlemen. 

His 5 hole was "THIS" big.. I swear!

Singing into the hairbrush guy: If the secret love child of Brad Stuart and Douglas Murray didn't immediately come to mind, then I'm not sure if  we are watching the same video. Note: If we're not then you're no doubt confused out of your gourd. 
I hope the kid has good health insurance, because he's in the middle of a tough, bone crunching man sammich... Or... Manwich.

According to the internet, this is what a combination of Stuart and Murray would look like. You can have WAY too much fun with the internet.

Now comes the really good stuff!

Dancing awkwardly in a fuzzy looking elf suit guy: The first time I saw him I of course thought Zdeno Chara, partially because he's tall, and has that long look that's just so... well.. Chara-esque. 

You're welcome. Now just be glad I didn't use the naked Chara picture for comparison.

But as he continued dancing around randomly, seeming to have no interest in coordinating with anyone around him nor making any moves that don't make me dizzy and want to shut my eyes tightly; I thought of only one person who could accurately embody his character.... Drum roll please.... Ilya Bryzgalov of course! 

Who else would dance like this on purpose? It's a humangous big responsibility.
I thought there was bear after me, but I scare him off with sneaky elf dance.

Very handsome Captain down on his knees: Wait where was I going with this? Oh yes.. He's none other than.... Mike Modano!

Just look at those eyes, and that nose...

Curly hair in the hall: Some of these comparisons take a little thought and some are more obvious than Pierre Mcguire's desire to have Sidney Crosby's babies. This is one of the latter. 

He didn't even try to hide his identity with a Santa hat or anything.

 And who is that dancing next to Jeff Skinner? Why it's none other than our very own twice-ex Jiri Hudler.

Have you ever seen a more pimp baller? (Am I doing this right?)

 So what did you think? Have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them. 

 Until next time.....

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