Monday, December 17, 2012

Dollar Hotdog Power Hour Podcast Episode 4

     Weeee're Baaack! After taking some time off for Thanksgiving and to allow Mike some time to relocate, Mike, Kevin and I are back for another edition of the podcast; and this time we're joined by the one, the only, the amazing... Josh Howard!

     On this episode we discuss the Griffins, Jurco, Riley Sheahan and his super drunk, super stupid behavior, vent about the current status of the NHL and the (lack of ) CBA, The Podium, Hebrew National Hotdogs, Pillow Pets and a whole host of other topics. You never know what nuggets of treasure you'll get on the Dollar Hotdog Power Hour until you listen.

     For continued Hockey related enjoyment and venting to help get you through the lockout, you can read Kevin's blog here and Mike's blog here. Josh does amazing work all over the place, but is particularly active with Winging It In Motown and Nightmare On Helm Street.

Or you can click this link to download it.

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Thanks for listening and as always we welcome feedback.

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