Monday, March 25, 2013

Datsyuk Likes My Picture!

     Yesterday before the game, I drew a cartoon in honor of Abdelkader getting his first NHL hat trick, and Datsyuk's comments that Abby pulls the piano for him.

     Apparently Datsyuk appreciated my efforts, and I may have tickled his funny bone, because he tweeted this and also posted the same thing on his facebook page.

     When Pavel Datsyuk joined Twitter, we were told that the content of the tweets would come from him, but that he would have someone else actually tweeting them and helping him with the English aspect. I had been disappointed with most of his tweets because they didn't sound like him at all. They were mostly statements about it being game day and hoping for a good game, and things like that. They were very bland and lacking personality, not like Datsyuk at all. However after the Ducks game Friday we finally got a tweet from Datsyuk that sounded like Datsyuk.

     Abdelkader responded, and I wonder if we got a tiny glimpse into the relationship between the two of them. Might we have an adorable bromance budding?

      I love seeing players let their personalities show. We have such awesome, funny, smart players that getting to know them a little more as people makes me love them and the team ever more.

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  1. This is excellent! Thanks Michelle.