Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Q & A with Petr Mrazek

The Griffins hosted a question and answer session with Petr Mrazek on Reddit.

Below are the questions and answers in an easy to read format, so you don't have to dig through the original post (unless you want to). It's apparent from his answers that Mrazek has a great sense of humor.


Can you describe the general difference in average skill between each league? How much faster is each league than the level before it? Do you have any problems adjusting to the speed between leagues?
 NHL is harder in front of the net. AHL faster because they're younger guys who want to show up. ECHL isn't much different because you have to stop the puck everywhere.
No problems.

Who is the Griffins:
Biggest practical joker
Best roommate
Most serious
Who would you rather not face in a shootout: Nyquist, Tatar, or Jurco?
Triston Grant
Jeff Hoggan
All three I would take. At the same time.

I'd love to hear your experience about when drafted by the wings (before called, when on stage, after) did you have any idea they were interested in you?
No idea.

I thought you played very well against St. Louis. What was the intimidating aspect of playing in your first NHL game?
You're excited. When I first stepped on the ice for the warmup I thought I could be nervous, but I wasn't.

Do you have any strange pre-game rituals? Apparently many goalies do.
I don't have anything special. Nap and just go and play.

You are Czech, is there a noticeable difference between Czech and North American hockey rituals/dressing room atmosphere/intensity etc..?
In dressing rooms it's the same atmosphere. There's more fans here. The rink is smaller so the hockey is faster.

Do the goaltending coaches work with your game, or do they try to get you to play a certain way?

We work before the game and at practice, we keep my style, just work on getting better at it.

Hockey goalies have a reputation for being somewhat weird. Do you think you fit the stereotype, and if so why?
Players think goalies are weird, but we think players are weirder.

Do you trust your eyes with Dr. Ramani?
Sure, like every player.

If you were a forward, what type of player would you want to be?

Why #34? If there is a reason
No, they gave me the number. I would love to have number three.

Your favorite post game meal? Besides a puck
Besides a puck, pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken.

Who do you think is the best goalie of all time?
Patrick Roy, Brodeur, Hasek

Before the red wings picked you were you a fan of any NHL team?
Detroit and Vancouver.

Favourite hockey moment/memory?
First NHL game.

Who had the hardest shot that you've every faced?

Ryan Suter.

How funny is Pavel Datsyuk in person? Thanks for doing this!

He’s a really good guy and funny too.

Have you worked with Chris Osgood at all? If so how was the overall experience?

We work with him often in Grand Rapids. Good guy.

Who is your favorite goalie in the NHL?

I like Fleury

What's currently on your ipod?

Hip hop or dance

What's your favorite thing about being a goalie?

I liked hockey when I was young and when Czech won Olympics in 98 I wanted to be in net.

Hey Petr! Could you give the story behind the paintjob on your lid? Congratulations on all your success thus far!

Our trainer Brad Thompson came up with that idea. I think it's cool because my name is Petr and our team is the Griffins. Get it?

Do you have any hobbies that you're passionate about?

Soccer and golf

What was your favourite thing to do in Ottawa other than hockey? This could be a tough question... lol.

Hanging out with the boys or Czech friends.

What's the biggest transition between international ice and North American ice? Which do you prefer?

North American ice. Faster and closer.

I have been to a few Griffins games this year and I'm always disappointed with the crowd size. Do players notice when the crowd is "light"? Is it disheartening?

I like when it's crowded. It's quiet when it's not. Better hockey.

Thanks for your time with the 67's. When you were in Ottawa what was your favourite restaurant ? What are your preferred pregame and post game snacks/meals.
My favorite restaurant was Johnny Farinas. Italian food you can't go wrong with.

Who has the best shot on the Red Wings?

Have you ever eaten a puck?

No I didn't, but if you want to do it, put it in the oven. Maybe some salt and pepper.

Who are you beside in the Griffins dressing room and Red Wings dressing room?

I'm next to Billins and Howard in Detroit.

If you weren't drafted by the red wings what other team would you have liked to draft you?

Probably Vancouver, LA, or San Jose.

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